The structure of our roadheader
Our roadheader is composed of cutting mechanism, shovel board assembly, first transport machine, body assembly, walking mechanism, rear support, control table, hydraulic system, dust spray system, electric system, lubricating system, protecting plate, marking and painting. The whole machine is equipped with high safety and reliability.
The machine has high configuration, advanced technology, good reliability, low center of gravity and good machine stability. The cutting part is telescopic and the telescopic stroke is 550mm.The bottom of the shovel plate has large inclination angle. The machine has large clearance and strong climbing ability. The motor drives the star wheel directly, which is good for loading and cleaning...

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It can carry out continuous cutting, loading and transportation operations. The machine is suitable for tunneling in coal roadway or semi coal rock roadway and soft rock, and can also be used in tunnel construction such as railway, highway and hydraulic engineering.

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